Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time to Get Out

Finally someone is going home…about time!! Dr. Ian makes all the interns tell him who they think should go home. Most of them picked Spencer and surprises there. But the decision is up to Dr. Ian. The first person to be sent home is Letia…but wait Maurice is going home as well. Tationna starts crying…then Maurice starts crying. Dr. Ian’s talk with Jenna was on point. He pointed out her weakness…she is about to cry but he lets her stay in the internship. Letia & Maurice have to go pack up their bags and move out of the house. Letia didn’t have a problem leaving but Maurice takes sometime to lay in the bed with Tationna. The remaining 8 interns get MP3 players. The next day they find out their project. They have to do a print campaign for Yaris automobiles. The winning team will have their ad in a national magazine. Time for new teams: Red Team (Lonnie, Jenna, Kathy, Kasheef) and the Blue Team (Marc, Tationna, Ivy, Spencer). You know Spencer was happy to get away from Jenna…but Tationna isn’t so sure about her new teammates.

Next Week - It's Jenna’s birthday and her game is not on point.