Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can Grandma Get A Lap Dance?

Time for Tila to visit each contestant’s hometowns and meet the parents. First up was Bobby, they had a date at the local bowling ally before meeting the family. Bobby’s family was surprised to find out about Tila being a bi-sexual. Once his mom had a one on one conversation with Tila, they got along better. Nothing like talking to someones mom about clubbing, drinking and dancing on tables. The second stop was Amanda’s hometown. After a date on the beach, Tila meet the parents for lunch. Amanda’s family was very open and Tila couldn’t shock them. When they got back to the house, Tila meet her special needs brothers & sisters. She brought them cookies...OK. The third date was with Ryan. First they meet up with a couple of his friends (frat boys). After meet the guys they head to his parents house. OK…The boy is RICH!! His family didn’t take to Tila’s announcement about being bi-sexual. His sister kept saying how different Tila was from other girls that Ryan brings home. Tila was hitting on his dad and his sister. At one point Tila and his dad started to understand each other…but Ryan takes her upstairs to roll around on the bed during dinner. Nice touch! Finally it was Dani’s turn. First stop was the firehouse where Dani works. Of course the firefighters loved her, especially when she worked the pole. Then they headed to the house to meet the family. This was the first time that Dani talked to her grandmother about being a lesbian. Tila graciously give Dani’s grandmother a lap dance. Wasn’t it nice of her…Granny loved it! Ok…I just want to say the editor’s have to have some footage that they couldn’t use. No one made any comments about the fact that she is Asian…so the fact that she bi-sexual is the only thing that shocked them. Ryan’s sister said it as low key as possible…she described Tila as being exotic and the other girls as preppy (white).

Once they were back at the mansion, someone had to go. This time it was Ryan…I’m sure it was the family visit that killed him. Next week - The remaining 3 (2 girls & 1 guy) head to Cancun for some fun in the sun.