Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Only one more more to go

It's hard for me to write about Heroes because I know that there will only be one more episode. I can't help but to think about the potential that I won't see develop any time soon, but anyway let me spoil the ending. Sylar killed the male wonderless twin after proving that Maya can control her demonic plague-ish ability, and like a true dumbass Maya is in love with Sylar. Since when was being a murder a quality you want in a man? Damn she stupid! Mohinder used Claire's blood to revive Bennett and develop a cure for the virus Nikki has, but Sylar is gave him a call on the celly and told him he was at his crib ready to kill Molly if he doesn't come back home. Black girl, honestly I forgot her name, (Monica maybe?) is on her path to becoming the foretold superhero that protects New Orleans- starting with getting Micah's stolen backpack. Too bad, she got captured by some gangsters planning to (literally) blow up a bank. Why did she think it was a good idea to hide in the ceiling instead of jumping out of the window? More importantly why didn't she watch Kill Bill or Charlie's Angels so she could learn out to fight AND sneak into buildings! She gets the bronze in dumbass olympics. BUT the gold of course goes to Peter. Adam and Peter go meet up with Victoria Pratt, who used to work for "the company" and developed the mutated Shaunti virus that going to kill everybody. Peter approaches her alone and psychically got the info he needed, but shit hit the fan when Victoria saw that he was working with Adam. She tries to tell Peter that Adam tried to get the virus 30 years ago and wants to kill off the human race. When he didn't listen she tries to kill them, but Adam kills her first. HELLO he killed the bitch! Peter that should have been a red flag. Peter can read minds and time travel but he can't see the truth- that would just be far-fetched. Meanwhile Claire is taking a note from Jessica (our favorite alter ego assassin) and confronts Elle, and Hiro traveled to the and overheard Victoria Pratt and his father discussing the virus and Adam's true intentions. Hiro could have used this chance to destroy the virus- it's not like his Dad didn't know about his abilities! However, the show ends with Hiro catching up to the present, and dashing at Peter with his sword. Apparently 2 "Heroes" will die, place your bets! I'm banking on Maya and Nikki.