Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Save the Cheerleader- what's my line?

This week was a flashback episode that actually answered our questions without the nasty aftertaste of pure confusion. DL is dead because he was shot by a sleazy coke head in a club. Typical, the black hero couldn't die a more honorable death. Nikki did learn about her split personality disorder, and tried to fix it with medication before signing her life away to "the company." Adam (the immortal sociopath) may have healed Nathan from his intense burns, but only to convince Peter, who is currently the most powerful hero, to join him in saving the world. Grandma scared away Nathan's family, which hopefully protects them until his other kids start flying or develop some other talents. However, the previews admit that some dramatic events must happen in the next three episodes which includes the Mohinder and Bennett showdown. What about our new enemy Adam, and our favorite- "I want to be special"- serial killer, Sylar? So many villans, so little airtime. To the pop-culturally aware, it is obvious that this show is affected by the writers strike. So 3 episodes, then another hiatus till Spring is my forecast. It's a damn shame, people. Feed the writers!