Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Buddha's Back

New York has brought Buddha back in the house. The guys have to sign a release to let him back in the house. All the guys welcomed Buddha back in the house. Well…you know Tailor Made didn’t want to sign in it…but he did (he also called his lawyer). For the challenge, the guys had to come up with a dish to cook for New York. When they arrived to the location for the cooking challenge, Mr. Boston (from I Love New York season 1 AKA expert on what New York likes to put in her mouth) was there to help the guys. Just like on Iron Chef the secret ingredient was reviled. Each guy had to use Ranch Dressing in their dish. Some of the guys should have left the ranch out of the recipe. Pretty made a cheesecake with ranch in it…not a good idea. He would be the one to bake. She also spit out Punk’s dish (Bleu Cheese Burgers) and Tailor Made’s dish (Salmon Salad w/caviar). New York picked Wolf’s dish (Chicken Fajitas w/ranch) as her favorite and Sister Patterson picked Buddha’s dish (El Pollo de New York – Chicken & Rice) as her favorite. The winners both got individual dates with New York. For Buddha’s date, they had dinner in her room. They spend most of the time talking about sex and trust. I loved it when New York took Buddha to the mirror to see how good they look together. When she came downstairs all the guys are trying to get face time with her. But when she jumped in Punk’s arms and started kissing him in front of Tailor Made...it was crazy. You know she doesn’t want him. Tailor Made runs to the phone so he can order New York a gift from La Perla (expensive underwear). I must say I like his thought process. For Wolf’s date, New York takes him with her to the set of Nip Tuck. They have a little lunch in the trailer before falling asleep…Wolf’s fart woke New York up. You know that was wrong and nasty. New York goes to the set to get her acting on…but she didn’t realize that she taped the show. Once they get back to the house all the guys try to spend time with her. Punk decided to tell her that he was in love with her. HUH…Too early dude. Next thing you know Buddha jumps in and takes New York away. At one point, Pretty picks her up and carries her up the stairs and kisses her. Damn where did that come from. Tailor Made give New York his gift…if only he had bought her some hair. She said that would have put him over. At elimination, New York comes out wearing Tailor Made’s gift. The first chain went to Tailor Made. It came down to Mr. Wise and Wolf. The last chain went to Mr. Wise…Wolf didn’t think he would be sent home before showing New York his package. Wolf had to go...he was becoming the new IT. Outside the house, Wolf gave the produces an eye full before he left.

Next week the guy’s ex-girlfriends come to visit (hopefully Tailor Made’s wife will come)...Chance & Real will be back as well!! I can’t wait to see these fights!