Tuesday, November 27, 2007

O is for Awesome

The New York house isn’t filled with love and cheer. After the crazy episode last week, everyone is in a funk. New York decides to have breakfast with all the guys to make sure everything is cool. There’s always one person that just can’t let things go…this time it’s Buddha. If he has such a problem with New York…why is he still there (Could it be camera time??). New York says she is going to take the guys out and have fun…turns out to be a psychology test. Her therapist told her she is attracted to guys that are less than stable…GO FIGURE! I’m sure the producers had a good time editing this part together. It seemed like all the answers out of The Entertainer’s mouth was the devil. While in the waiting room, Buddha is telling everyone about his acting career. You know that pissed New York off. Some how, The Entertainer was the most compatible out of all the guys. Finally he gets a one on one date (the bathtub/toe sucking thing wasn’t a date…**me gagging**). During the date a belly dancer come to the table. New York repeatedly asks him to dance with the belly dancer. He kept refusing…I think it was nice that he wanted to keep his focus on New York but she didn’t see it that way. He finally got up and did a quick dance. On the way back to the house, The Entertainer and New York plan to play a joke on the guys…but the guys had already planned a joke on The Entertainer. When the guys hear The Entertainer yelling, they come inside to see the drama. They start helping The Entertainer pack and forget about their prank. After they all get outside he lets them in on the joke. Tailor Made talks to his wife and finds out that Buddha was on Hell Date (the best show on BET). New York invites her therapist for some couples counseling. New York tells all the guys that she wants them to be her wife…YESWIFE. During the counseling session, Punk let her know that Buddha was on Hell Date. She confronts him about the show. During elimination, Punk says he is in love with her as he gets his chain and New York expressed loving him back. Punk, are you for real?? I don’t really believe it. Tailor Made gets a chain for being a good wifey. The Entertainer gets a chain…and in the words of New York is GOOD – G can stand for Great, O can stand for Outstanding, the other O can stand for Awesome (Osome – New York spelling...close enough) and the D can stand for Damn we got it going on together. Mr. Wise is sent home this week…it was coming. Buddha will be around for another week…even with the acting thing. Sister Patterson walked out when Buddha got his chain. Next Week - it’s time to meet the families…this is where New York had problems last time.