Monday, November 26, 2007

Divorce Anyone

Deb talks to Angie about divorcing Irv. Yeah…they don’t have a full divorce yet. Angie wants to do more things as a family. Irv is working on getting something together for Ja Rule. They need a hot single and Irv has a plan to get things moving. The family is at Angie’s fashion show, but Deb and Irv start arguing during the show. Once the fashion show is over…the arguing continues. They were arguing about Angie’s smile or none smile on the runway. Irv’s has a talk with his dad about Deb. At least Irv doesn’t want to go back and mess up. Back to the studio…Irv has a new track for Ja to check out. Of course it will be the new single. Deb is at home and asks Sonny what he thinks about her relationship with his dad. She asks him what he thinks about them getting a divorce. Sonny starts crying…Deb starts crying…Irv is going to love this when he finds out.