Thursday, November 15, 2007

It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To

While I know we haven’t followed the CW’s new show, Gossip Girl, on the blog, I’ve been watching this modern-day Beverly Hills 90210 since it’s premiere and I can almost guarantee that it's predictably more exciting than your day-time soap operas. Sure the writers are a bunch of little Aaron Spelling wannabes, but as the season winds down, the drama kicks into high gear, making it tolerable.

So this week's epis
ode was dedicated to the infamous Blair’s birthday party. Now prior to this, Blair had lost her virginity to Chuck Bass, her boyfriend’s (Nate) best friend. The opening scene is her pouring her heart out to a Catholic priest, asking for her boyfriend back. There’s a shocker. Meanwhile, she runs into Chuck as she’s leaving and he takes shots at her, citing flashbacks from the night before; Flashbacks Blair really doesn’t care to remember. But Chuck is sort of the devil’s advocate, so if you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile. So with Blair giving him her ass to kiss, he has incentive to make her party a living hell. Blair’s ex, Nate, has bigger issues to deal with than his ex sexin’ his best friend. He recently discovered that his father is a cokehead, and has been embezzling the shit across state lines. In the true spirit of monarchy, Nate’s mom suggest that he give Blair the family’s sacred engagement ring at her birthday celebration, mainly to prevent Blair’s mom from firing him. So while Blair thinks her dreams are coming true, he’s simply frolicking back to save daddy’s ass. Ha! And what’s better, Nate eases on in by telling Blair that he has something special for her birthday. She assumes he purchased the necklace she presumptuously put on hold for someone to pick up. She’ll be surprised to learn that her lustful sex partner, Chuck, is the one who purchased the necklace.

Now ‘s the time we’
ve all been waiting for, the big party. While Blair is inside waiting on Nate, he’s outside choppin’ it up with Jenny. Coincidentally, Jenny is the reason Nate is Blair’s ex boyfriend in the first place. Anyhow, Jenny shows up at the party to apologize to Blair- punk ass. Nate catches her outside, frustrated with his parents and fed up with Blair, he suggest they go for a walk. They walk, talk, share, care- the usual. One of those gossiping girls spots them, snaps a picture and sends it to Blair as a birthday gift. Meanwhile, Chuck spills the beans about Nate using Blair and makes a wager that if Nate doesn’t show up before 12am, Blair has to sleep with him (again), and if he does, he’ll leave her alone. Naturally she loses because Nate’s too busy serenading Jenny on the steps. The truth unfolds at the dramatic ending, which was acted out pretty poorly. In the end, Blair doesn’t get her wish. Nate tells his parents to kick rocks with their scheme to cover-up his father’s drug habit. But all ends well in LaLa Land when Chuck gives Blair the necklace she put on hold and they proceed to do what rich white kids do- make out. Little did she know, her best friend, Serena spotted the entire thing.

Serena approaches Blair about sleeping with Chuck. Blair defends her actions and takes jabs at Serena for her well-known promiscuity. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.