Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When Lesbians Attack

Tila starts off the contestants in a 2 part challenge. Picture Fear Factoryeah…they had to eat bull testicles and balls. I bet none of them thought they would have testicles and balls in their mouth on this show. The fastest guy and girl move to the next round. A few people couldn’t handle it and throw up. Amanda and Bobby won Round 1. Amanda hadn’t ate red meat in 15 years…she must have a lot of love for Tila. Round 2 was a feast of Eyes, Heart and a shot of Blood…it’s just wrong. Bobby wins the final round and gets a champagne bubble bath with Tila. The losers have to make a dessert for Tila. The dessert making turned into a food fight. Steven and Brandi got into a fight…when Steven picks up a knife…Brandi gets pissed off. Next thing you know her and Vanessa are arguing over Tila. Bobby and Tila’s date gets off to a slippery start as he falls into the bath. Bobby starts scoring major points with Tila. Then he says those 3 little words…I Love You. Too Early Dude!! He is going to scare her off. During dessert, she spends a little one on one time with everyone. Steven interrupts Dani’s time with Tila. Then Vanessa breaks up Brandi’s time…more drama.

The next day, Tila asks everyone to vote for the most compatible and least compatible without voting for themselves. Dani was voted most compatible by the house and she gets a one on one time. Domenico was crying as a few people voted him least compatible. But he wasn’t the one that the house choose…it was Vanessa. Brandi and Vanessa get into in front of Tila…but the Vanessa gets to have dinner with Tila before elimination. The whole date Vanessa complained about everything in the house…boring Tila to death. Then Tila had her date with Dani (She’s like a boy with breast)…she is defiantly giving the others in the house competition. The bottom 4 came down to Steven, Domenico, Brandi & Vanessa. Tila sends Steven home…finally!! With only one key left both girls are crying. But Brandi gets the key…well…until Vanessa jumps her. They have to pull them apart…Vanessa is crazy…she is laid out in the floor and Brandi is crying about how she can’t take the key. In the words of New York...You stupid!! They left us with…TO BE CONTINUED.

But this week we went straight into the after show. Brandi stops in to talk about the show but wouldn’t say if she stayed in the house. She got all emotional when talking about the fight. Everything else was flashbacks of the show. Is this there way of making us watch a recap show?? They showed a few bonus clips we didn’t see on the show…nothing exciting. Sneak peek into upcoming shows…Tila will meet some of the families, a surprise guest comes to the house and we will finally find out what happens after the Brandi/Vanessa fight.