Thursday, November 15, 2007

Model Wasteland

My favorite person on Top Model, Benny Ninja, introduces the next challenge. They will be working with FIDM design students to inspire them to create a new dress from an old dress. The girls come back for the runway show and to see what the designers came up with. As they walk out each model has to say a few words to describe their outfit. Heather gets nervous and stumbles over her words…oh well the dress was great. She wasn’t the only one…Lisa messed up too and started crying in the back. The winner of the challenge was Saleisha. She picks Lisa & Bianca to do a Seventeen Magazine shoot with her.

My Favorite FIDM Designers from the challenge:

  • Angela Avanesyan – Jenah’s Dress
  • Justin Green – Heather’s Dress
  • Julia Chumak – Ambreal’s Dress

Back at the house, Heather goes off when a Saleisha & Lisa get in the shower before her. Heather said she called it first…so she jumps into the shower with them and starts yelling at them. Good thing she took her clothes off first. The shower was big enough for 6 people…I guess Heather didn’t want to share. They better stop making that girl crazy…next time she might really lose it.

The next day, they get dropped off in the middle of nowhere for their photo shoot. They spent the whole day modeling in the hot sun next to a flaming car. Sounds like fun. Tyra begins eliminations and announces that they are going to China. Wait…don’t pack your bags yet…someone still has to go home. The final 2 girls were Lisa and Ambreal…of course. Ambreal is finally going home…she hung in there but it was her time to go.

Next week they will be in China…Tyra said she hasn’t been there before. If I had a show I would do the same thing…but we would probably go to Hawaii every time.