Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's Hot in Here

Tyra teaches the girls to be sexy for the camera. She showed them how to slide down a wall and crawl across the floor. The girls find out they will be in a music video. The song is “Tired Of Being Sorry” by Enrique Iglesias (who performed on Young & the Restless this week). The video has a Goth feel to it, so they picked Lisa…and Heather. Near the end of the video shoot, Heather gets over heated and passes out. She didn’t eat all day and it was hot on the set. I guess they don’t feed the models. The judges keep asking Sarah about her weight loss. If I was Sarah, I would be setting in the house eating cake in front of the other girls. At elimination it came down to Sarah and Chantal in the bottom 2. Someone has to go home…and that was Sarah. Another plus-size model kicked off the show. Will we ever get a plus-size girl in the final 2? Probably not. They would have to create a show with all plus-size models for that to happen. Next week Heather has had enough.