Friday, November 9, 2007

Bye Bye Katie

Katie is packing up to move out of the apartment. Josh is back in town to visit Katie. The whole time he is making comments about everything. Tara comes over to pick everyone up for a fun filled day on the town…and Josh is coming along. Oh boy! He is getting on everyone’s nerves and from the look on Katie’s face…hers too.

Tara takes the girls to see a psychic. Katie finds out that she should pursue a career in entertainment but not to sure about her relationship. While Katie is in with the psychic, the other girls are outside talking about how bad Josh is to Katie. With a big hug and a few tears…Katie heads to crown the new Miss Teen USA. She is trying to do all the events for the pageant but Josh keeps calling. Of course, they get into it once she gets to talk to him. Finally, she breaks up with the loser!! About time…I hope it sticks!! Next week the new Miss Teen USA has issues of her own.