Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is there a Hero in the house?

It's about damn time! Last night was the first episode of this season of Heroes that was worth a damn. Critics and fans across the board have been waiting and waiting for the show to live up to the suspenseful goodness of the first season. Matt, the cop/telepath, in is own punk-ass way, finally rose up to the occasion for the FIRST time by saving his adopted daughter from his dead-beat, psychotic (yet psychic) dad. Niki might die from a mutated strand of the power eating virus, which I like to call superhuman HIV. However, she better not die because she is one of my favorite characters. How can you not fall in love with a tall MILF with superhuman strength and (until a couple episodes ago) a severe case of multiple personality disorder? Mohinder and Mr. Bennett (the two powerless characters with the most airtime) are eventually going to have a showdown fueled by their individual yet understandable perceptions of morality and saving lives. Last but not least, they justified Hiro's time travel to feudal Japan by leaving us to believe that his journey was fated to turn his story time hero of legends past into the biggest villain of the present by awakening the (now) villain to his abilities. DEEP! Now all we have to do is pray that the writers' strike doesn't affect this dim beacon of hope for the series. It seems like NBC's Green Week may be a good luck charm for Heroes.