Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I ain't afraid of no ghost

I Love New York was so funny this week. They should’ve showed this episode on Halloween. New York invites a psychic/spiritual woman to the house. She has a blood oath for the men to sign. Yeah…BLOOD!! Someone would have to show me where that needle came from before doing anything like that. Each oath was specific to the individual guy. IT’s oath had a statement that he was not an actor playing the part of a mentally ill person and that he loved New York. He wouldn’t sign the oath…so you know New York wasn’t feeling that. Tailor Made’s oath stated the he wasn’t a snitch (we all know he is a snitch). The psychic warned him not to sign it because he wasn’t telling the truth (the spirits don’t like ugly). Midget Mac let New York know about his fiancĂ© and that she died in labor giving birth to his daughter. Mac has 2 children at home, only lost is girl 4 months ago and is now on a reality dating show (something is wrong with that). After the voodoo woman left…everyone went to dinner. During dinner, Punk found out he won the blood oath challenge and got a date with New York. She then gave him a letter to read out loud. It became clear that the person that wrote the letter didn’t like Tailor Made. Of course the letter was from Buddha. All Tailor Made could do was put his head down. When they all got back to the house strange things started happening. First the lights started flickering…then they went out completely. Once the lights came back on…one of the lights over the bar busted, then the decorations over the fireplace fell. You know New York was out of there. Some of the guys screamed like girls (Pretty…damn why you put that on my mind Tailor Made) running around the house. New York left the guys in the house with the ghosts. The next day Punk got his alone date and the guys have a pool party. Finally, a chance to see what Punk is all about. Well…good thing New York thinks he looks good…because he is boring her to death. If New York doesn’t want him I can find someone for him…but it’s something I don’t like about his voice. Sister Patterson shows up at the pool party. The Entertainer & Sister Patterson have another argument and she throws a drink on him. At the elimination ceremony, New York decides to let Midget Mac go because he needs time to get over losing his girl and spend time with his kids. The only person left was IT…but he wasn’t getting the last chain. She decides to bring someone back…Buddha. The look on Tailor Made’s face was priceless. I hope he knows how to sleep with one eye open. GLAD YOUR BACK BUDDHA!!