Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In The Mix vs. Menudo

MTV just cranked out the episodes of Making Menudo. I guess they are going to push this group out for the holidays.

Episode #5 – Chris, Trevor and Carlos perform “Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown. Jose is on probation and JC is his probation officer. Jose is still not working as hard as he should. Johnny sits down with JC to talk about the situation. The performance goes really well for the guys but Johnny has one spot to fill. During elimination, Johnny has a few words to say to Jose before sending anyone home. Chris gets to go to the spotlight as a member of Menudo. Trevor and Carlos are sent back into the mix. But it’s not over the 5 picked to be in Menudo will have to perform and the remaining guys will also perform as group 2. The 2nd group gets a new member added…Emmanuel.

Episode #6 – The 2 groups go head to head for their spot in the group. All the guys are wondering where the new guy came from. “Let Me Love You” by Mario (Menudo Group) and “Run It” by Chris Brown (In The Mix Group) are the songs they will perform. The guys head to vocal training and the new guy blows everyone away. Looks like the big difference between the groups is that the Menudo group doesn’t get along, this causes problems in practice. David walks out of the vocal class with the Menudo group. The other group is learning the dance routine. After the show, both groups seemed very happy with their performances. The judges decide to move Chris and Jorge back to the mix. With only 3 guys remaining in Menudo…Carlos & Antony move to the Menudo group. Pena is asked to leave.

Episode #7 - Spanish Week for both groups…everyone will have to perform in Spanish. To bad Trevor don’t speak fluent Spanish. Same ole drill…vocal training then dance practice. This week the celebrity guest judge is Howie Dorough (from the Backstreet Boys). Johnny is out of time so he is via satellite. Antony is move back to the mix. Emmanuel is asked to join Menudo. Jorge’s road to Menudo has ended.

Episode #8 - The in the mix group is getting smaller…with only 3 guys left…they have a hard song to perform. It’s not easy for the other group either. The Menudo group moves into their new penthouse apartment…but can they get along. Carlos can’t get his part so he has to switch with Monti. Carlos has a surprise waiting for him at the apartment. His family came to celebrate his birthday. The celebrity guest judge is Wilmer Valderrama (That 70’s Show). Each group had their own struggles during the performance. All the Menudo spots are safe. Trevor & Chris are still in the mix and Antony’s road has ended. The remaining 2 guys in the mix will go head to head.

Episode #9
- Johnny reminds the guys that no one in safe until he announces the names of the final group. Trevor and Chris will perform with the Menudo group as their back up. Trevor is having problems in the vocal class. All the Menudo guys are playing around during the dance practice. The guys have a meeting to work things out…but everyone decides to pick who they would want to be in a group with (No one picks JC). This week’s celebrity guest judge is Frankie J (recording artist). I really like Trevor and Chris…they both have a lot of talent. As always it’s up to the judges. Johnny decides not to send Trevor or Chris home. JC’s not up to speed with the rest of the group and his road has ended. The remaining 6 will compete for the 5 spots in Menudo.