Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shanghai Ups and Downs

The final 6 models arrive in China. The girls meet up with Mr. & Miss J before moving into their new house. There are only 5 beds in the house… Saleisha has the big bed and refused to share with Heather. Of course this gets Heather upset and she starts to cry. Saleisha gives up the big bed so that 2 girls could share it and Heather can have a single bed. The girls go to a movie set and learn basic martial arts to help them with their movement. They had to do some “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” moves in the air. Bianca gets scared and asks to get down. Heather wins the challenge and gets a shopping spree. She picks Chantal to share it with her. For their photo shoot they had to bring their own clothes to do a commercial for Covergirl. Mr. J has to feed Heather the lines and she still can’t get them right. Lisa couldn’t get the lines out and starts crying on the set. They showed the Covergirl commercials and photos at elimination. Heather and Lisa are in the bottom two. I would really hate to have to take that long flight home from China. Well…it’s not me…its Lisa. Saw that coming! Next week – Time to run around China for go-sees.