Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who’s here for Tila?

This week the date challenge had the boys and girls working together in mixed teams to wash a car with their bodies. The winning team went to the spa with Tila. Michael got his balls waxed…yeah…balls. The losing team had a campfire date and had to sleep outside (that didn’t happen...Tila took pity on them). Vanessa starts running around naked and trying to get attention. She kept hitting on Bobby and trying to get him to say he wanted her (Why would he want Vanessa when the show is about Tila??). Her wildness and trying to set up Bobby lead to a house meeting. Vanessa and Brandi starting arguing…then Vanessa threw a drink at Brandi…you know it was on. Brandi was punching the wall as a couple people were holding her back.

The next day there was another challenge. Yeah another one…who comes up with this stuff. It was back to guys against girls again. They had to spin in a chair, then run pick up drinks and take them to a table. The team with the most drinks served wins. Of course the girls win…again. The girls have a group date at a Mexican restaurant. During dinner, Vanessa made sure to tell Tila her side regarding the Bobby story. When Tila got back to the house she went to talk to Bobby about the issues with Vanessa. If I was Tila, I would have asked to see the tape!! Time for 2 more people to pack their bags…Ashli and Michael are eliminated. I thought both of them would have lasted longer. Michael got his balls waxed for nothing. Tila must really like having drama in the house because next week its time for the girls to get grimy at elimination.