Monday, November 26, 2007

Jena 6 - Roadtrip

Salt & Pepa decides to go to Jena, LA for the Jena 6 march. They pack up the families, get on a tour bus and head out. The ladies talk to the kids about the purpose of the trip. After the talk the kids were scared that there would be attack dogs and they would get arrested. I would think the same thing if I was a little kid and it was being compared to protest with Martin Luther King Jr. Once they arrive in Jena, they have a meeting with the families (Somebody asked, “Where’s Spin?”). The families take Salt & Pepa on a tour of the school. The energy of the rally inspired everyone. Pepa had a few diva moments on the way there…but pulled it together. The ladies rewrite “Push It” for the Jena 6. Not quit what I was hoping for but it’s the thought that counts…I didn’t think we would get that much.