Saturday, November 17, 2007

Still can't get along?

The Red Team is happy about pulling off a successful event but with the extra drama from the night before has everyone talking. The Blue Team is hoping the Red Team didn’t make more money…keep hoping. Dr. Ian arrives to discuss the Rap-It-Up events. He announces that the Red Team won but he wants to know how they put it together. If only they had put it together. Jenna and Kathy are named as the team captain and Spencer steps up as the least active in the group. He points out the conflict between him and Jenna. Now time for the Blue Team…they admit that they didn’t understand the contract with the venue. Letia has to defend her commitment to the internship because of the drama with her boyfriend at the event. They are reminded of the midterm evaluation and that they have more community service work to do. Maurice apologizes to the girls for acting a fool and starting the fight. Letia is upset and may try to leave before the midterm…go ahead and leave, she won’t be missed. Dr. Ian has a conversation with Spencer about becoming a leader. Lonnie tries to talk to Jenna but she is not hearing it when it comes to Spencer. Now that Dr. Ian is gone…back to partying, drinking and talking about sex (which turns into turn the lesbian out on the table). Maurice puts a hickey on Tationna face, so she decides to stay home and not go to the club with the roommates. Lonnie gets drunk and is throwing up all morning. They have to go build a house the next day for their community service. Lonnie decides to stay home…DUMB!! Next week Tationna breaks down for no reason and it’s time for evaluations. GOOD...TIME TO KICK SOME OF THESE FOOLS OUT!!