Friday, September 3, 2010

Real Housewives Strike

The economy is so bad that Reality TV stars need a raise. First the Jersey Shore kids got their pay raise and now The Real Housewives of New Jersey want more money. The word is that Teresa Giudice wants double the money she is getting now. She is said to be getting $3,000 per episode compared to the $30,000 per episode the Jersey Shore kids are getting.

Well...if you want that kind of money, I need more from the Housewives. The table flip was a nice start. But its time to step up the madness. There needs to be more drunken fights, table dancing and hot tub make outs. If she really wants the money she better start kissing her cast-mates on the lips. Let's not forget more vomiting....of course that will follow all the drunken club nights. The Jersey Shore cast put a lot of work in for that better be willing to get dirty!!