Thursday, June 17, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 11 perform

Last night was the beginning of the competition for this season's Top 11 dancers of So You Think You Can Dance. Personally, I like seeing the All Stars again because they actually picked some of my favorite SYTYCD alums. I was also excited to see that the all stars dance in their own genre. All the all stars killed it last night. So basically routines suck less this season because at least one person is bringing the fire. Oh wait! This is a competition show isn't it. It sucks mostly for the contestants. If they can't dance on par with the All-Star they stick out in a bad way. I felt like Comfort & Lauren danced circles around Jose & Billy. The judges had no problem digging into Adechike for not matching the intense passion Kathryn had.

The props of the night went to Alex and Robert. Alex got a standing ovation in his emotional "Hallelujah" routine with Allison from Season 2 brought to you from the mind of Sonya Tayeh. Nigel even got teary eyed. Robert close the show with an African jazz routine with Courtney. Don't get me wrong. Rob was great, but I have to say Courtney was nothing but fire during that routine. He kept me from looking at her the whole time, but she definitely deserves a shout out. So who's in trouble this week? I would guess Melinda, Ashley and Alexie. I think people will still vote for Adechike. Only one dancer goes home tonight. This is going to be interesting. Usher will perform and debut his music video with the little Canadian boy that's making him richer and the strongest twitter marketing team ever.