Friday, June 18, 2010

1st Guy To Leave The Ultimate Merger

Last night was the premiere of Donald Trump presents: The Ultimate Merger. Omarosa has 12 men competing for her heart. We started eliminating men as they walked in the door. Picking out top 4 that could be kicked out immediately: Michael Madd, Darrell, Jason & Eddy. The men we can work with: Isaac (ex-NFL player), Ray (R&B singer) and Al. B Sure (R&B singer). Yes...we would keep both singers. Ray because he is fine and Al B. because of the voice (letting the dead beat daddy jokes slide...for now).

This isn't the best show...but it was entertaining. Twitter did help keep me into the show. I found it interesting the guys didn't know Omarosa was the woman they would be dating. I wonder if the guys she already had dated would have showed up?

The first challenge was for the guys to test their Omarosa knowledge. The top 3 were Michael Madd, Sterling and Javis. They head out on a date were we find out that Javis has 2 kids...but Omarosa was concerned about him have a 1-yr old. Sterling is the only white guy in the house but really didn't have anything to say. Maybe he had more to say in the clips they cut out. Then there was Michael Madd...he told her to check out his blog. Here is his blog link in-case your interested - Next thing you know he was put off the bus and didn't finish the date. All the guys were asked to sign a pre-nup. Not a bad idea...but I doubt it will ever get used anyway. This is still a reality dating show.

Well in all dating reality shows someone has to go home. The bottom 3 were Ray, Michael Madd and Darrell. Ray was too cute to get kicked off. I seemed like Michael was going home until Darrell started talking. He went from Movie Producer to DJ at corporate events. I'm not really sure if they figured out if he really had a job. That combined with the fact he didn't date black women got his pre-nup shredded. See what he had to say in his exit video below.

The Ultimate Merger airs Thursday nights @ 9PM ET on TV One.