Friday, April 16, 2010

Goodbye Betty

I'm so sad that Ugly Betty has ended. I must say the final episode was a really nice way to end the show. The transformation of Betty over the seasons was great. So happy Betty got the chance to realize her dream of starting a magazine. Not sure about the Betty and Daniel romance...but it was a sweet ending.

I wish we could have seen more with Tyler and Claire. Maybe have him confront his bio-father. Love the new relationship for Justin and Hilda getting married. Finally my Ugly Betty wedding...I waited a long time for that. I guess I'll have to pray for the movie. Thank you to all the cast and crew of Ugly Betty for giving us a great show to tune in to see each week. You made TV fun and touched our hearts!

If you missed the last episode, check out the final (full) episode of Ugly Betty at