Friday, March 19, 2010

ABDC Season 5, Week 5 "Usher Challenge"

This week was the Usher Challenge on America's Best Dance Crew. Jungle Boogie performed to Love In This Club. I think So Real Cru danced to this song in seasons past, and I feel like So Real did it better. Lil Mama & Omarion liked it while JC wasn't impressed. I'm feeling JC on this one. It was easily one of their cleaner performances but I feel like their style was more than hidden in this challenge by trying to do Usher too much. Poreotix danced to Yeah. All but Omarion seemed to love it. He asked them to step up their choreo, which I can understand. There were one or two pauses when I started to do the counts for them. Personally I think the routine wasn't as strong as last week's. Hype 5-0 rolled out to You Don't Have To Call -- wheelies and all. It wasn't a winning performance, but I feel congratulate them for not losing their style in the challenge. Unfortunately that also translated in looking a little stiff during the smooth moments. Also it was bad idea to have those girls do the floor-work on the side if they can't do it properly.

Blueprint Cru and Saltare were in the bottom two. Blueprint Cru got Daddy's Home. They were clean and dynamic. However it wasn't better than their Lady Gaga routine. Saltare was tasked to make a fight sequence to Caught Up. It was good. No trip ups this week, but their sans-rope choreo just simply needs work. The judges chose to eliminate Saltare. Honestly I don't think anyone was great this week, but I think Poreotix might have brought the most to the table for a YouTube That Shit Award. Good luck to Saltare. Keep jumping. Next week is another Illusion challenge. Good luck topping Beat Freak's memorable routine. For more ABDC news check out our peeps at