Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meet The Man Who Kept Kittie On Her Toes

From the first time he appeared on VH1's "Let's Talk About Pep," Markuann has been the talk of TV having his moment pulled shown on E!'s "The Soup" and the Style channel's "The Dish". The man who sucked Kittie's toes in the car has become tough competition for Frank The Entertainer who's also known for his share of foot-in-mouth antics.

Spoil The Ending spoke with Markuann about the infamous episode and who he is behind the camera.

Where are you from and how did you get on the show?

I grew up in Harlem and later moved to Far Rockaway, Queens When I was a teenager. I got a call from a friend of mine named Butter who told me the premise of the show and suggested that I go on the casting call. After the audition, the producers liked my energy and wanted me for the initial Pilot. I did a screen test for The VH1 heads after that, it was TV history.

How did you meet up with Kittie?

I met up with Kittie the exact same way you viewed it on Television. There was nothing planned before.

What were your thoughts when you were on the date with her?

I thought she was a very blunt and had a fiery personality. I knew she was fun but sharp with the tongue and that is exactly how she is! Kittie will tell you to go play in traffic in a minute but I'm the same way.

What made you want to suck her toes in the car?

It wasn't that I wanted to, you can blame it on the A-a-a-a-alcohol! it was a dual effort; she placed it on my mouth and Kittie does have a pretty feet. I got caught in the moment and the truth is I know people who have done way WORSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE than lickin' a toe for real and for free! LOL!

Did it really taste like meatloaf?

No more like Rib Eye Steak! LMAO just playing. No it didn't, I just have a habit of saying the most craziest stuff at times. When I was younger, I was in Church talking crazy. I would talk crazy at funerals and anywhere else. Nobody wanted to take me anywhere.

What are your thoughts on the last episode that aired?

Well, that was a fun date and I enjoyed myself. I think everyone should be more loose and not so uptight. Live life to the fullest. Big shout out to Myoko the Asian Pedicurist; that's my homie.

Would you say you have a foot fetish?

Not to that extreme but I do love pretty feet on a woman. And that was way before Boomerang. If your feet look like hooves or you have to wear Uggz in the shower NO BUENO! I don't have a fetish where I want you to stomp on GRAPES and Jump on my back.

How far do you see your relationship with Kittie going?

I mean, first and foremost, we have become friends and if nothing comes of it we will always be friends. She's like the Bonnie to my Clyde but I don't plan things. Time will tell.

What are your plans after the show wraps?

I have a few features I am auditioning for, some ad campaigns and some TV shows I'm developing. I'm just staying busy; you will definetly see more of me.

What kind of attention have you been getting since your appearance?

Mannnnnnnnn, after I saw myself on "Talk Soup" and "The Dish" on the Style Network as "Freak Of The Week", I was going through the airport and someone yelled out "I seeeeeee youuuuuu, I know what you did!" I've also been called "meatloaf" it's crazy. Shout to Big Tigger he was like, "Markuann I saw you!" LMAO

After your experience on the show, do you see yourself going on any other reality shows?

If the right offer was given and a tasteful a conversation can be had maybe, but I am really focused on my craft as a thespian. I just enjoy living life, making people laugh, cry and feel good as a whole.

What type of show would you prefer to be on?

A show that focuses on bringing people together in a real organic way that's fun. I want to bring the fun back to Romance and turn minutes into moments. Yea, I like the way that sounds, minutes into moments.

See more of Markuann at his website: www.markuann.com and follow him on Twitter @markuann

Watch "Let's Talk About Pep" Monday nights at 10:30pm (ET)