Friday, February 26, 2010

ABDC Season 5, Week 2

This week's challenge on America's Best Dance Crew was the music video challenge! Poreotix went up first with a routine to Rihanna's Umbrella. My first reaction was that they did better than last week, but I was too distracted with Rihanna's video playing in the background that I didn't see the problems the judges saw. I was satisfied with what they did because they had me laughing. They have some high expectations to live up too, and they can probably do it. Jungle Boogie stepped to Shakira's Give It Up To Me. I felt like that routine was good but forgettable, which is step back from last week's performance. The wolf stunt seemed underwhelming and a slight waste of time. However, I want to be clear that this isn't a hate-rant. I just have higher expectations for them after last week. Static Noyze danced to New In Town by Little Boots. I never saw that video, so I like to assume not many fans of ABDC have either. Little Boots is some MTV 2/MTV U shizz. I was happy that dancing didn't play passenger to storytelling. Hopefully the song's non-mainstream cred doesn't hurt Static's popularity. Saltare jumped to Shake It by Metro Station and messed up a couple of times. It was like watching a figure skater fall. I hate when that happens. So even though they had some good stunts in the routine, all I remember is the awkwardness of the failed stunts.

Heavy Impact danced to What You Got by Akon's forgotten protege. The challenged asked for them to do some popping. It was another good performance that didn't blow me away. So they need to work harder at something. I just don't know what that something is. Hype 5-0 performed another good routine to Britney's Three. At this point good is translating to average. I liked that they used a crew member doing the splits to be the horizontal pole in the video. So it was small step for creativity in an seemingly average night, and I appreciated it. The girl-girl kiss had some hesitation, which made it lame to me. In the sudden death, Royal Flush Crew went head-to-head with Blueprint Cru. Royal Flush Crew had to do some b-boy styled floorwork in Evacuate the Dance Floor. I think it was the best they've ever done on the show. I was happy for them because I knew there was no way they could beat Blueprint. They didn't slack under the pressure. Much respect, Royal Flush. Blueprint Cru got busy to Omarion's I Get It In. Homeboy was killing it as the Omarion look-a-like. There was a fumble during the group headstand, but it's easy to overlook it. Their intensity was on point.

Royal Flush was sent home, and the YouTube That Shit award goes to Blueprint Cru! Good job, Canada! Next week is Lady Gaga week. I am most interested in seeing what Heavy Impact can do with it.