Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ugly Betty is canceled

It looks like Ugly Betty has gotten the axe earlier today. The show will end with this season, and the finale is expected to air in April. It's my belief that the ratings never recovered from the Writers' strike, and ABC simply felt it was time to pull the plug. To be fair, we even kind of stopped covering the show on the blog-- partially because we are lazy, partially because we liked the show too much, and partially because even our DVR's didn't know when the show was on anymore with all the crazy schedule changes! In a post "I'm-With-Coco" world, it is clear that entertainment is very much a business filled with political red-tape and ratings are nothing less than an electoral college vote. Following several losses to 30 Rock, the show was even shut out for Golden Globe nominations this year thanks to newcomers, Modern Family and Glee. I'm really going to miss my Amanda-Mark moments, and I definitely don't think Vanessa Williams got the props she deserved. Shout out to all crew and staff affected by the cancellation.

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