Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Ready To "Follow The Model"

Tuesday (11/10/09) was the book release for America's Next Top Model judge "Miss J" Alexander. I expected the room to be filled with Top Model wannabes but that wasn't the case. There was a lot of love in the room from the ANTM fans to his friend and family. The book is "Follow the Model: Miss J's Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise, and Power." The ultimate runway diva is giving us a peek inside his background and tips for the readers. Miss J gives you humor even when talking about serious subject matters.

I had the pleasure of attending the book signing in New York City. Miss J's Tip for Women: NO Monkey Paws. In other words, if your feet look like paws keep them covered. Big Girl Tip: Stay away from colors like canary yellow. Think he was referring to the Big Bird effect. Miss J doesn't workout in a gym to kept those legs looking tight...he just walks a lot. All the more reason for me not to go to the gym. Someone asked him who he thought was the worst designer. He said anyone that doesn't know how to sew or takes the time to wear panties calling themselves a designer. No name was given but the first person that came to my mind was Lindsey Lohan. But a few people come to mind on the non-sewing end and calling themselves designers. He considered it to be insult to the all the students in design schools and the people that work hard at their craft. I was surprised that no one asked him about reviling that he is a father on the Tyra Show. Miss J is saving some stories for his second book. Let's just say he had a business mind at age 10.

You see a little of Miss J's personality on ANTM...but in person baby...he doesn't hold anything back. I can appreciate that where others may find it harsh. I felt like a student in a classroom (A Fabulous Classroom!!). I was studying everything. He told the crowd to be "True To Yourself." I found myself taking mental notes on what I should be doing. I'm a work in progress (give me some time). As I got my book signed the conversation quickly was about my name. First question - Who is Japanese in my family? And since my name reminds most people of a dessert...I think it just made him hungry.

But Miss J wasn't the only reality star at the event. James Campbell, from Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane, is now working with Miss J. James was the Senior Marketing Director at Baby Phat. No matter what Kimora throw at him, he made it happen. Thank You James...for showing someone on a reality show that worked hard and was good at their job. Another familiar face from Kimora's show was Jerome. He was the designer that was tasked to work with Ming and Aoki on their clothing line during the show. I added this clip from Life In The Fab Lane because Miss J and James are in it working on the Phat Farm/Baby Phat fashion show.