Thursday, July 2, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance -- Top 14 dancers!

The competition is getting tight in So You Think You Can Dance. My favorite would obviously be Phillip & Jeanine's hip hop routine. Jeanine was noticeably better this time around and definitely kept up with Phillip. Napoleon and Tabitha made them dance while tied to a chain the whole time. Danger! Mia publicly announced that she now on pro-Brandon who had to start the show with a cha-cha. Ade and Melissa had a classical ballet routine inspired by Romeo & Juliet that the judges loved. Kayla and Kupono drew Sonya out of the hat and earned the judges praises for a second week. Randi and Evan seem to slip out of the judges' graces again. I think they are being noticibly tougher on this duo. I suppose its a good thing because they actually need to grow to compete with the other couples. At the end of the day, the judges liked their (not-by-Tyce) broadway routine. Jason and Caitlin got a quirky dance from Brian Freedman in which Caitlin had to be an alien. It was okay, but it looks lackluster after Sonya's routine. Unfoturnately, this is a couple that seems destined to dance for their lives to the top 10 cut off. Vitolio and Karla made their debut to the dreaded quickstep. Vitolio got some praises, but Karla got some criticism. At the end of the episode, I'm still puzzled who will end up in the bottom. If I had to predict, Vitolio & Karla, Jason & Caitlin, and Randi & Evan. Tune in tonight to see who's cut!