Thursday, July 2, 2009

Down to 12 on SYTYCD

Tonight on SYTYCD, the judges sent home Vitolio and Karla. Joining them in the bottom were Phillip, Jeanine, Kupono, and Kayla. Totally didn't call this one. Are there really that many Jason/Caitlin and Evan/Randi fans out there or did everyone assume Phillip and Jeanin were safe? Phillip and Jeanine pulled their worth, but Nigel made sure Jeanine knew that she was the best of the night. I agree. Even though Phillip danced a little "desperate," I loved it. However, I'm bias to hip hop. Kayla was critizised by not dancing from the heart, and Kupono was an earful about how he barely danced at all. In the end, Vitolio and Karla have been in the bottom too many times to be saved at that point. Next week is the last week with steady partners!