Friday, May 8, 2009

VIDEO: Charm School 3 (1st Episode)

Watch the first episode of Charm School 3 (Thou Shalt Aspire To Be Charming) in the clip below. But to see what happens at elimination you will have to check out the premiere of Charm School 3 this Monday, May 11 @ 9/8c on VH1.

The cast includes Real Chance of Love Girls: Bubbles, BayBayBay, KO, So Hood, KiKi, Risky
Rock of Love Bus Girls: Farrah, Marcia, Natasha, Brittanya, Ashley, Gia, Beverly, Brittaney

Ricki asks the girls to donate clothes to Out of the Closet. Nothing better than donating your used slutty stripper clothes to the needy. Of course, the Rock of Love girls are ready to fight each other on the first day. It's all that free liquor. The Real Chance of Love girls didn't know what they were getting into. Beverly gets into a fight with Brittaney...of course Beverly gets kicked out of Charm School. She didn't even get through the mixer. Dang girl!