Saturday, May 16, 2009

Set Your TiVo - The Bachelorette 5

Last season, Jillian Harris was rejected by the Bachelor. Now she gets a second chance at love by kissing her way through 30 men. You Go Girl!!!

I know...I need to give up on the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. I always have the same complaint. This season isn't any different. Where are the men of color? ABC just isn't trying or maybe that's the way she wanted it. Maybe I overlooked someone. But from the pics on the site it doesn't look like much variety. Oh well...check out the sneak peek below with 2 of the guys break dancing for Jillian's attention. Where is that Apollo hook when you need it?

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 18 @ 9/8c on ABC.