Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mama Petrelli Knows Best

I really have a love-hate relationship with Heroes, but it won me over last night by diving into uncharted territory. This episode was dedicated to the past of Angela aka Mama Petrelli. It turns out that back in 1961, her family moved into a "camp" called Coyote Sands where Dr. Suresh, Mohinder's dad, worked as a scientist studying people with powers. Her family was brought there under the pretense of a cure-- typical. Angela quickly became friends with 3 guys who were also founders of the Company, including a mild romantic stint with the old black guy who died in episode 1 (I believe)! Talk about a flashback. I wasn't hooked to the episode until Angela's younger sister Alice discovered she could control the weather at the camp. Angela had nightmares of Dr. Suresh triggering the destrcution of the entire camp. Heeding her own psychic warning, Angela and the 3 teen boys sneak out after lying to her sister to make her stay put knowing shit is about to go down. After having a short slow dance in a diner, they over hear on the radio that a violent storm suddenly occured nearby. Surprise, lil sis spazed the freak out when Dr. Suresh tried to give her a shot. Wind, Lightning, she runs, he slaps, dad defends, soldiers shoot, she hides... blah blah blah panic & chaos. After which the now orphaned teenagers decide to make "the company" based on Angela's prothetic yet omnious dream.

During this fractured flashback, Angela manages to find an aged, bag lady-esc Alice alive in the camp grounds. Alice believed in her sister so much to actually stay put for 40+ years. Once Angela told the truth about her lie. Alice spazed out again and only calmed when introduced to Peter and knowledge of a family. Despite no longer wanting to kill her relatives, she vanishes after refusing an invitation to civilization with Angela. It's unfortunate that it seems Alice will fade away into the outskirts of plot development because she had a great power. Again, my inner 7 year old believes that power belongs to Storm, but I have to admit it wasn't as offensive as it could have been. I didn't feel like that power was wasted on her. Only 2 more episodes left this season. Did this show get renewed?