Monday, March 23, 2009

New Show: Roommates (Premieres Tonight)

Roommates is a new show on ABC Family. The show has a familiar face in the cast...Tamera Mowry (plays Hope). You know Tia and Tamera from Sister Sister. I think it's cool that they both have their own shows now...Tia on The Game and Tamera on Roommates.

Roommates looks like a new version of Friends. Well...this time with a black friend. It looks cute.
Mark has a crush on Katie, so what's he do? Becomes her roommate. Smooth. They also live with Hope, a career woman ... um, without a career. And roomie No. 4, James, has advice for everyone, but he's no better off than anyone. And finally there's Thom, who doesn't live in but hangs out a lot. Hookups, jobs, and other embarrassments keep the laughs coming as five twenty-some-things try to figure it all out.

Source: ABC Family
Roommates series premiere Tonight - Monday, March 23 @ 9/8c on ABC Family.