Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nathan exposed. Superbaby introduced.

I totally spaced on last weeks Heroes, but you didn't miss much. This week Claire saved the Doyle, the puppetmaster, that almost forced her to shoot her mom (which one... I forget). Hiro and Ando went to save Matt Parkman only to discover that he's a baby (or Matt's baby rather-- they don't know that yet). Creepy Thin Guy's plan to set up Matt as a terrorist was thrwarted by Nathan and "rebel." Not to let things go, he starts investigating the Petreli's and with Noah Bennett's help focused on Mama Petreli. She has her sassy bad-ass moment and brings up his past and makes him back off from her.

Creepy Thin Guy
was still angry eventually and pushed Nathan out of a window to expose his ability. Duh, Nathan! You had to stand infront of that window! You couldn't jump-fly into the wall or at least the ledge so it wasn't so obvious? Nathan flies off just in time to rescue Claire just as she got a text from Rebel allerting her to the raid on her house. Sylar finally caught up to his dying dad with the same initial power and sociopathic tendancies and took his twisted hope of using his power to change the world just to see if he can do it. I think we are to believe that this twisted hope is the answer fueling Sylar's journey. Now Sylar is going to become the morally gray hero and is in Creepy Thin Guy's apartment -- to kill him. There will be 2 weeks before the next new episode. Don't be too sad.