Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sylar Gets A Teen Sidekick!

I have a theory that Heroes is only good when someone dies. Last night's episode did not annoy me. I felt like the plot was shifting to something exciting. Claire kept running her mouth to Daddy One and Daddy Two. Eventually she was sent home where she is deciding to get a part time job over college. Uhhh, okay? Despite Matt's illustrated warnings, Daphne was still shot, and I assume she's dead since she wasn't shown after the fact. Tracy tried to give Peter up to Nathan as leverage to get her life back. Backfired real quick when Peter flew away. Instead she's in custody. Ando reunited with Hiro and the power-pack with Daphne's help, pre-death of course. Nathan is learning that he has to sleep in the bed he made with the sudden reality that he can't control his "hunter." What?!? corruption and backstabbing in secret government-initiated tactics? Really Nathan? Didn't see that one coming? What a dumb character!

However, Sylar once again seemed to steal the show for me. He threatened to torcher a single mom and her teeenage rebellious son infront one of the officers that failed to kill him. While playing his mind games, Luke (the teen) revealed his microwave heat-projection ability. Sylar used his psycho bable to convince him that they are similar, and Luke ended up killing the officer/hunter to protect Sylar. The mom reverted to abusive mode and called Luke evil and stupid, but the kicker is that Luke might actually know where Sylar's dad is. Also there is this slim chance that Luke could be Sylar's brother, since it's not a "lie" that Luke believes he can help in locating absentee dad. Can we give Sylar a family already... geez? Maybe Claire should get a divorce from her's.