Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quest vs. Beat Freaks-- It's So On!

America's Best Dance Crew was absolute fire! The top three crews had to perform to a megamix and incorporate several different styles of hip hop dance which included housing, tuttin', threading, waving, and krumping. Beat Freaks didn't disappoint with their performance, but some mistakes were noticable. The judges loved the krumping, but I'm not sure if I loved it as much as they did. Quest came with a mission last night. It was the performance that overshadowed the rest of the night. They suprassed the challenged and did all the tricks that they do best. They picked a hell of a time to kill the game. Fly Khicks unfortunatly had a really tough act to follow but didn't let it affect their energy. They cold have easily gave up or choked, but they didn't. So much respect to Fly Khicks.

After the judges made the not so hard choice of saving Quest, both crews performed again to a routine entirely of their making. Beat Freaks brought their inspriring b-girl flow, and Quest juxtaposed a jazz backdrop to their usual theatrics. I am so torn right now! Up until watching Quest's performance I was ready to just hand over the prize to Beat Freaks. I'm seriously having reservations.
YouTube That Shit award has Quest's name on it. Round one clearly went to Quest, but Round two is a total toss up. In some ways I feel like Quest just proved that they are more versitiale than Beat Freaks, but Beat Freaks are practically the straight A students of this season. Was Quest's one performance strong enough to overpower Beat Freaks' past victories? I don't know, but it was obviously close enough for me to have such a loss for words. Next week is the finale. I can't wait.

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