Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Hot N Cold" Should Be Sylar's Theme

Heroes came on last night, and things were pretty predictable/straightforward. Tracy escaped her heat lamp cell just as some Homeland Security chick was about to shut down Nathan's witch-hunt funding. However, she just had to kill a bitch in front of Homeland Security. Now, Nathan has funding-- thanks to sneak hunter guy unlocking Tracy's cell in the first place. Hiro and Ando stopped a wedding. In typical dumbass fashion, he took it as a sign that he can be a hero without powers. Claire helped a no-name boy (who can breathe underwater... lame!) escape from her dad, and her unwillingness to lie to her mom resulted in marriage separation. Way to break up the fam, Claire. Sylar showed a glimse of humanity about wanting to meet his dad, but then left Luke with the hunters. BUT at the end he went back for Luke and that was precious.

If Heroes gets cancelled, I hope Sylar gets some sort of spinoff because he is probably only character that I care about. Which even surprises me since I don't care about Wolverine, Hulk, or the other hot-n-cold tragic comic heroes.