Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heroes -- Still Has Daddy Issues

Incase you didn't see the Season 4 premiere of Heroes last night, this is what you missed. Nathan is still an asshole with this illusion of doing God's work. Claire overheard his secret talks with Mama Petreli and ran off to save Matt the cop. Matt the cop is living with Daphne, but now he can draw the future thanks to a 2 minute warning from the dead African. Really? Advanced telepathy wasn't enough? Tracy was the first to be caught by Nathan's superpower police, and was soon followed by Mohinder, Hiro, Claire, Matt, and Peter. Mohinder was blindsided by the fact that Noah Bennett is now working for Nathan. Claire just has family strife all over the place. Nathan and Peter had a rather forced conversation about blame/redemption/one-last-chance-before-I-stab-you-in-the-back-again before Peter was caught. Sylar was the only one to get away from the police. I guess it helps to have 15 powers at once. Sylar is busy trying to find his biological dad who apparently was his adopted (-yet absent) father's brother.

All the captured superhumans were put on a plane to who knows where, but Nathan tried to spare Claire. Instead she escaped, and choose to sneak onto the plane. Dumbass! There she attempted to stealthly free everyone. She freed Peter, who we now know can copy (or steal) abilities by touch. After some struggle and Claire found out that Bennett was co-piloting the plane, Peter froze-shattered a whole wall which is causing the plane to crash! Whoops! So far the only "heroes" unaccounted for would be Ando and Daphne. Will they save the day? Probably not. I'm sure Sylar doesn't care at this point.