Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is Ugly Betty In Trouble?

News flash to me-- Ugly Betty had ugly ratings throughout this season, and now ABC is putting the show on a sick leave. Between the reruns and the show getting pumped for Presidential speeches, I feel like I haven't seen Ugly Betty in weeks.

Articles on the web say the show probably won't come back to Thursday nights until March or even as late as June?!!? Many blame a stale plot, which if that's the case...
*ahem I'm looking at you, Grey's Anatomy! ABC's plan is to move in Samantha Who? with new web-series adapted comedy, In the Motherhood. This new show will feature Jessica St. Clair who quickly became one of my favorite commentators on Best Week Ever. For that reason, I hope the show doesn't become ABC's sacrificial lamb to the ratings war. Click the here to read an article by Lisa de Moraes for It also explains that FOX is expected to win Thursdays with Bones being moved to Thursdays. Who knew?