Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sneak Peek: Real Chance of Love (Meet The Parents)

Last week on Real Chance of Love, the girls loyalty (AKA their lying ability to the cops). But it was KO that Real sent packing. One of my friend's pointed out that Bay Bay Bay kept telling KO she wasn't ready for Real to be on tour for months at a time...but what tour are they going to be on? Maybe VH1 will do Tour of Love. Headlining the tour will be Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels. The opening acts can be the Stallionaires, Lacey (Rock of Love/Charm School), Daisy (Rock of Love) and Tango (I Love New York). Whatever happen to Tango's rap album? Hey Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego...holla at me about getting the tour together.

In the clip below, it's time for the girls to meet the parents on Real Chance of Love. Real and his ladies (MILF, Bay Bay Bay and Cornfed) hang out with the parents first. Chance and his ladies (Rabbit, Cali and Risky) head out to a tattoo spot. Is the reality tattoo curse about to repeat itself (i.e.: Heather from Rock of Love)?

Real Chance of Love airs Monday nights @ 9p/8c on VH1.