Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Live Action Version of "Homies Over Hoes"

The following clips prove to me that I'm not the only person thinking these videos were meant to be fused together. The music video for "Pop Champagne" by Jim Jones is like a live action version of "Homies Over Hoes" from the Boondocks. YouTube is a wonderful thing!!

I just hate that Jim Jones paid someone to do a video when he could have called Aaron McGruder and used the Boondocks. Which video clip do you like better??

"Pop Champagne"
by Jim Jones set to clips from the Boondocks ("Homies Over Hoes" by Gangstalicious).

"Homies Over Hoes" from the Boondocks set to the video clips of "Pop Champagne" by Jim Jones Feat. Ron Brownz & Juelz Santana