Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hiro still sucks... surprised?

If you like convoluted plot developments that make you say WTF during commercial breaks, then you would have loved this week's episode of Heroes. Sylar killed Elle. Then he killed some chick with lie-detecting powers. Then went after Papa Petreli. In the meantime-- in the past rather, Hiro and Claire act to prevent her from becoming the catalyst despite their lost-in-translation issues. Claire stops Noah from receiving the phone call leading to baby Claire becoming the catalyst. Hiro reunites with his dying mother, who happens to be a healer. She heals Hiro's forgotten memories, only to be easily convinced by his hero-complex to give him "the Light." She dies. Hiro cries. Somehow it wasn't sad at all. Just before returning to the present, Papa Petreli intercepts by taking Hiro's powers and "the Light." In true villain fashion, the throws Hiro off the roof just before sending Claire to the present to pass the message to opposing captain, Mama Petreli. Really? He couldn't protect "the Light" for 5 minutes! Hiro should really stop trying.

Ando, Daphne, and Matt manage to find the missing last issue(s) of 9th Wonder to discover that Hiro is lost in the past. They have the brillant idea of finding the formula so Ando can copy Hiro's power to bring him back. Is it just me or is that severely flawed logic? Nathan is still a d-bag. Nothing new except, he chose the first soldier to be the test subject of the completed formula-- who became super-strong. Personally, I was hoping for an Alex Mack-inspired ability. After completing the formula, Papa Petreli went off to confront Peter who ambushed him with help of the Hatian. Peter took too long to shoot him, but Sylar came just in time. Sylar revealed that Arthur was not his father, then technically, shot him with Peter's bullet. Seems like a lot of people died this episode. However, I would like to point out that Flint the firestarter didn't die, so maybe Mohinder is be able to sleep at night.