Tuesday, December 16, 2008

End of Volume 3: Dad's Suck... Volume 4: Nathan's a D-bag

Last night's episode of Heroes was the last installment of Volume 3: Villains and the last new episode until Feb. 2! Overall it was a good episode, like all of Heroes' finales. Peter sucker punched Nathan only to gain surprise help from firestarter, Flint and fear-man, Knox. Together the three restrained Mohinder and attempted to destroy the formula. Before it could be completely destroyed, Daphne stole a sample for Ando with faith that his power would be the same as Hiro's. Unfortunately it wasn't. Instead his power is like electric-adrenaline. He ended up enhancing Daphne to the level of time-travel. With their powers combined, they go back and save Hiro from getting stabbed by his father.

Sylar trapped Claire, Meridith, Noah, and Mama Petreli in "the company." Then he pretend to be the Joker and rant off about how they are all monsters and crap. Amidst the moral debates, Noah releases all the captured villians as bait for Sylar. Instead Sylar kills them all and managed to pump Meridith with adrenaline-- causing her lose control over her firestarter abilities. Noah gets locked in the room with Meridith only to be saved by Claire, who chose her parents over the Granny. Sylar and Mama Petreli have a one-on-one, but before he sequeezed out the identity of his real parents, Claire stabbed him in the neck with a shard of glass. Claire tries to save Meridith, but she is forced into tearful goodbye before Meridith & the building blows up.

Nathan recovered from the punch to his new supersoldier. However, the soldier was quickly killed by Knox. Nathan eventually tried to fight Knox off, and ended up saved by Tracy killing Knox. She then tried to pitch a PR solution to the failure of the super-soldier project, but Nathan fired her out of angsty nonsense. Later Tracy tries to take the ignored documentation of the formula only to be stopped by Daphne and Hiro. After calling him pikachu, Hiro sucker punched her. Lots of sucker punches in this episode. Nathan tries to save the formula to the point of smacking Peter with a large metal pipe. A partially conscious Mohinder accidentally ingested the formula, which seems to cure his side-effects, and escapes. Meanwhile Flint burns the formula, which means the whole building will blow up in seconds. Peter uses the formula and manages to fly Nathan and himself out of the building. After landing Nathan continues to be disgusted by Peter's views and says he never would have saved him. And in consistency with that statement, the preview of Volume 4: Fugitives shows that Nathan convinces the African-American President that there are people with powers and they must be rounded up and contained by the US Government. UH REALLY?!? How can they justify going after Hiro? He doesn't have powers, and he's not an American citizen. Also why is he the exception to the rule? Can we give the corrupt politician thing a rest? I'm in overload being in Chicago and all! Since he managed to have a file on Micah, I would like them to bring Monica back. Did we forget about New Orleans?