Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eclipse pt. 2/ Powers return

Last night was part two of the Eclipse episodes. Mohinder kills Flint (Flamethrower villain) to escape the lab to see Maya, but the eclipse fades and restores his curse before he can approach her. Sad for him. Peter & the Haitian free Nathan, and eventually the Haitian defeats his brother with his awkward, nullifying power. Nathan then reveals to Peter that he believes that everyone should have powers, so that superhuman villains wouldn't hold such a leverage as the dictator. Then, the asshole leaves Peter in the wild and tells him to get a ride home with the consolate. F--ed up! Worst brother ever! Matt has his moment with Daphne when he convinces her to open up to her father. *yawn. Seth Green calms down Hiro when he gets frightened by his comic illustrated past and losing his dad. Hiro finds out that he will take Claire to the past to see her "adoption." Noah tries to kill Elle and Sylar, but he waits until after they roll around in the sheets. He eventually kills Sylar after ignoring the frantic calls of his wife that the hospital is suspicious that Claire's body has never been sick and that Claire is actually dying! So Claire dies, but revives-post eclipse only to be extra pissed off at her Dad for not being there. Sylar and Elle rush the house to get revenge/finish their mission. Noah reveals that Sylar is not a Petreli. Instead Sylar was created. Noah also hinted that Elle knew all along. Hiro appears and teleports Elle and Sylar to a beach, where Sylar proclaims that he can't change and proceeds to kill Elle. Hiro takes Claire to the past, where Claire might learn something important. To be continued.