Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Power Down

Last night was the first of a two-part episode of Heroes. Papa Petreli had/drew a vision that the eclipse is connected to Claire Bennett's critical injury. He sends Sylar and Elle-who quickly becomes more crazy- to capture her, but ends up in a depowered brawl with Claire and Noah. Claire takes a bullet for her dad, not realizing the eclipse took her powers too. Ando tries to get Matt to fix Hiro, but was too preoccupied with Daphne when she runs off in fear. The guys follow her to Kansas and quickly lose their powers. Turns out Daphne is crippled and her powers allowed her to walk (and run and run really fast). Hiro and Ando go to a comic book shop to find the newest 9th Wonder and find Seth Green?

Mohinder should thank the universe because the eclipse halted his side effects along with his abilities. He also had a naked moment, which maybe someone out there was excited about. However instead of chasing after Maya, he is being forced to figure out why no one has powers. Nathan and Peter go after the Haitian who is trying to pull a coup against his brother and tyrant-in-power. Finally they give him a story, and it's that deep. I need more warning. Nathan's stubbornness gets him captured by the tyrant, whose power is impenetrable skin/invulnerability. Meanwhile Claire's wound becomes critical, while Noah goes sniper on Elle & Sylar.