Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lipstick Jungle Back To Back

Last week we had 2 episodes of Lipstick Jungle to enjoy. The first one was Chapter 12: Scary, Scary Night. This was the pre-Halloween episode. Victory has nightmares of Joe falling off a mountain. All of her concern for Joe rekindles their friendship. It was nice to see them reconnecting. Wendy finds out that her friend Sal is taking her old job. She start spending time with one of her son's friends dad, they share a kiss. But it doesn't look like anything is going to come of it. That's good...someone needs to be married. Nico plays hard with the boys as their company goes after a new magazine. Kirby ends up selling a picture to the tabloids to make money to pay for a trip to Aspen. Nico should be glad he wants to pay for things. At least he isn't trying to spend all her money.

Chapter 13: The
Lying, The Bitch and the Wardrobe. This was a really good episode. Wendy goes back to her old job to pitch a movie. She soon finds out that things are not the same. It's hard sitting on the other side of the table getting your ideas picked apart. Nico and Kirby run into Megan (Nico's dead husband's baby mama) on the street. She feels a connection to the baby and want to do something. Looks like someone is thinking about having kids. So she gets the baby a blanket and brings a box of Charles's stuff. I hate to jump shows...but I hope Melanie on The Game and find a soft place in her heart for Derwin's baby. OK...back to Lipstick Jungle.

Victory is finally opening her store with a runway show. Her plans are derailed when she fires her publicist Dahlia (Rosie Perez). As the show is falling apart she calls on her friends to help her get the show back on track...including the hot contractor Rodrigo. Joe decides he wants to propose to Victory...and goes to get a ring...very big ring. Nico is still having problems adjusting to Kirby being a starving artist. After the fashion show, Victory thanks everyone and gives a special thanks to Rodrigo and seals it with a kiss on stage. Joe's feels are hurt and he bounces without talking to Victory. I hope he doesn't do something stupid. In the end, Wendy finds her passion in a script that she got from a girl working in the copy place. Go for it Wendy!! If you watch the full episode, you will see former America's Next Top Model contestant April Wilkner during the fashion show scene.

Remember...Lipstick Jungle has moved to Friday Nights!!
I can't wait for the new episode on November 7th @ 10/9c on NBC. Nico is going to meet Kirby's mom.