Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heroes... still crazy

Incase you already haven't heard, one or more of the main writers/some other important role have left the show. Is it related to bad ratings? I don't know but I do know what happened on the show last night. Arthur reverted Hiro's mind to when he was 10 years old. Luckily Ando helped trigger Hiro's power for a last minute escape. Ando keeps trying to get Hiro to remember/act his true age (good luck there), but eventually ends up at a comic book store to find the latest 9th Wonder- the near future telling comic. How that comic is still operating with it's illustrator/writer being dead since Season one? Ask the writer that got canned. On this hemisphere, Arthur revealed that empathy is the secret to controling Sylar's ability. To learn this lesson, Arthur locked him in a room with Elle. After being zapped a couple hundred times, he convinces Elle to forgive him and herself, which magically gave him her ability without taking her's completely away. WTF!? So he's Peter, now? Wait are they a couple?

In the meantime Arthur sent Freddie Cougar and Flame boy after Peter and Claire. Emulating a plot line from X-Men, the villains were after Claire and not Peter as they assumed. Nathan confronted his father to only be more confused by his proclimation that Nathan was always his favorite son. Haven't heard that all season. When Nathan goes to see his mom, Tracy stays behind and strikes a deal with Arthur to pull Nathan to his side. Matt tries to free Mama Petreli from her coma, but gets blind sided by Arthur revealing that Daphne is betraying him. She joins the mental drama and confesses her love to Matt, and Mama convinces Arthur to let her go. Everyone awakes to be joined by Claire, Peter, and Nathan. Claire discovers that she is the catalyst for the power-giving serum, and now everyone is split up among Petreli parents like children from a broken home waiting for the eclipse to happen.