Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flashback to prevent the Flash Forward? Damn, Heroes!

After an hiatus last week, NBC just aired a new episode of Heroes. 98% of this episode was a flashback. I guess this offsets they hypothetical future episode. Hiro fell into the African's spirit-journey-trance and saw Arthur/Papa Petrelli's defining turn to villainy along with some other stuff. He saw that Linderman felt guilty for following Arthur's orders to kill Nathan, who at the time was set on destroying Linderman's empire. To make up for it, he "healed" Mama Petrelli so that she would recover all the memories that Arthur erased. To stop her evil husband, she poisoned his dinner and had the Haitian over to negate his powers. Unfortunately poison didn't affect Papa's psychic powers, and he convinced the doctor to fake his death.

This beyond broad flash back also showed that Meredith (Claire's flame-throwing mom) is the older sister of Flint (villain flame-thrower). She kept trying to help him get away, but he kept getting caught. Her temporary company partner-turned enemy caught her but let her go after finding out she was Claire's mother. This episode also revealed that Sylar almost became good after his first kill, but under orders a reluctant, I'm-falling-for-the-bad-guy, Elle and rather severe Agent Bennett practically forced him to kill again. The strange thing is that Sylar also stole this blowing-shit-up ability much like Piper's in Charmed, but I don't remember him using it before. Yeah I referenced Charmed, wanna fight about it?

After the trance wore off, the African screamed. Hiro & Ando slowly run to his aide to find his head chopped off. Then Hiro was grabbed by Papa Petrelli, and I think we all know what Papa's attempting to do. Next week, they talk about the eclipse! Will they finally explain the connection? Better yet did we ever really care about the eclipse.