Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reality-palooza: Charm School, The Pick Up Artist, I Love Money Reunion

Tonight is the season premiere of Rock of Love Charm School and The Pick Up Artist on VH1. The I Love Money Reunion is coming on tonight. I'm ready to see someone fight.

I'll be watching the train wrecks as they happen. Still wondering why some of the Rock of Love girls are doing this show. Money is my first guess...but some of the girls I don't even remember. And how did Sharon Osbourne end up teaching charm of all things? I guess we will see if she can turn their groupies way around. This should hold me over until the new season of Rock of Love.

As for the new season of The Pick Up Artist, I'm going to watch as I get free time. I'm looking for things to help out my single friends. I felt bad for the guys last season. I hope they aren't living their parents basements and playing video games all day.

Tune in to VH1 Tonight (10/12/08):

I Love Money Reunion @ 8/7c
Rock of Love Charm School @ 9/8c
The Pick Up Artist @ 10/9c